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V Game Achievement Guide

Frequency Achievements
Frequency achievements: There are a total of 10 achievements related to frequency. The first 5 you do not need to gain a specific amount of frequency for certain levels. Where the last 5 require you to reach a set amount of frequency before you move on to the next level.

There are two ways to unlock all of these achievements.
-Be quick enough to gain the required frequency for each achievement and level.

-Buy the Hold to skip Skill and skip until you gain enough Frequency.

For option 2 i highly recommend grinding enough CP to complete the game in one go; So that you can knock all of the frequency achievements out in a single go.
(i don’t know the specific amount required to beat the game from oceania, about 1500 CP got me a little ways into africa so i would grind for atleast 2000+ just to be safe.)


Combo achievements
Sherlock mode:
Combo channels in quick enough succession to get the purple, green and cyan crosses to appear.


Complete the game without maxing combo:
This achievement requires you to keep the combo meter from reaching 3 crosses. Starting from Africa is the easiest way to get this achievement. keep in mind you have to account for several things

-being quick enough to prevent yourself from losing

-understanding the combo system. you will gain a cross for every 4 channels you get right in quick enough succession; this means that you can only awnser 3 channels to prevent your self from gaining a 3rd cross.

-you can use the hold to skip skill But it will cound towards combos so use it carefully.


CP and Skip related
Hold to skip 25 Channels:
As the name suggests skip 25 channels using the hold to skip skill.


Go to space on the main menu:
Collect 300 CP to unlock the infinity channe and then start a round.


Accumulation 1000 & 2000 CP:
You will have to play the game until you earn enough CP. (there is no other way around this)


Buy all Skills:
Save enough CP so that you can buy all 3 skills atleast once.


Reach #200 on saturn:
Go to the infinity channel and reach channel 200, Keep in mind that you can also use skips to reach channel 200.


Reach channel 10 on monochrome:
This one isn’t as hard as it sound, go into settings and change the colorblindness setting to
monochrome and use 10 skips.


Reach channel 10 with another language:
Much like the monochrome achievement go into settings and change the language to one you didn’t pick at the start. then start a round and use 10 skips.


Play 100 games:
As the name suggests play 100 games.


Type the color not the word x10:
Again this one is pretty straight forward, type the color of the word. and not the word itself.


Survive all mechanics:
Do your best the get through everything the game can throw at you.


Combo for 100 Channels:
Do your best to get through 100 channels while keeping a combo going.


Fail everychannel on the tutorial:
Go into settings and click on the tutorial button and do the failing move on each channel.


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