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V – How to Get the “Monochrome” Achievement

18 July 2017, Tuesday, 17:37:29


The Monochrome achievement, in black and white
After the first couple of rounds in Monochrome mode, you could be forgiven for thinking that success is completely random.

After a few more rounds, you might give up and decide to use the “Hold to Skip” feature to quickly get the Monochrome achievement.

If you persist few more rounds after that, you will notice patterns with the colours. It’s not easy to get through Oceania, let alone the whole game, but by using these patterns the achievement should be in reach.

Use the image below (taken with the extra “TV Lines” disabled in the menu) to help distinguish between colours.




-Yellow and Cyan are light and somewhat transparent – you can see the TV lines through them
-Green and Red are also not very dark, but they are dark enough that the TV lines no longer obviously show through
-Purple and Blue are visibly dark, nearly as dark as the remainder of the text on the screen

The darkness of each colour may still be a bit difficult to distinguish in the heat of the moment, but if you can immediately eliminate 2/3 of the choices every turn, your odds of making it to channel #10 and beyond improve substantially.

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