Vagante – Rift Bosses Guide

Rift Bosses

  • Brood Demon

He will float above just out of melee range for most of the fight. from up there he will do three attacks. Dropping brood eggs that will hatch into little broodlings, that will squirm back and forth luckily they may run off the edge of the island, dropping fleshy bombs that deal massive explosion damage or dashing diagonally through you. The eggs and bombs can be picked up and thrown away or back at him, but they are best avoided unless you have explosion mastery on your gloves.

Melee will be hard because most of the fight will be avoiding damage. Tt’s best to wait for in to dash, then dodge and hit him on his way up.

This will be a very slow way of fighting him. If you can get on top of him you can bounce on his head and shoulders to stay safe, this is only helpful for killing him if you downward attacks or “Jumping on enemies deals damage”.

Range will be difficult if you can’t aim above you, but you do have one opening when he swoops down at you.

If you want to use magic, you’ll want to be able to target him with it, or use frost nova to ground him longer so that you can get more hits in.




  • Shadow Knight

A large knight clad in black armor with some ruthless fighting styles. He prompts four main attacks, most of them are very clear to see coming. He has his large bow with which he can aim at pretty much any angle, dodge it like you do the spriggans in the forest. His massive black sword has a slash and a stab, its best to back away as fast as you can. If he falls off or disappears into a cloud of shadow he will re appear above you dropping with his sword straight down, one good side step will help avoid this one hitting you. half way through the fight he will raise his fist in the air and start to blink red. This is him using the evil transformation spell, after this you want to take him out as fast as possible or avoid getting hit at all costs.

Melee might be your best bet, because this boss is pretty easy to read, and stays in close.

Range is extremely difficult, since the shadow knight is right up against you as often as he can.

Using magic can help a lot fire can cause damage over time, and frost nova can leave him open a lot longer and slow his attacks in the second phase. You’ll mostly want fast casting spells.




  • Behemoth

This godly looking boss will be invisible until agrode. He is very large and takes up a lot of the screen. All you have to remember is that you can only hit his sands and his head. If you take out his hands his head will drop slowly to you. His only way of inflicting damage is with his hands that have three attacks. He can simply punch you or slam his hands down so hard that it causes a shockwave. If he lines up a fist on either side of you he will smash them together on you. You can jump over this but be careful because three orbs of lightning will fly out the top.

For melee you’ll want to dodge then strike when the hands come down, let the head sink until you’re at his forehead then spam attacks as fast as you can.

Range again isn’t great if you don’t have aiming, since he doesn’t line up beside you much. If you can aim, you can forget about the hands and shoot straight for the head, or make diagonal shots for the hands.

If you plan to use magic you’ll have to take out the hands, you can freeze then to keep them down longer. You can also drop flame pillar before the hands come down then dodge.


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