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Valheim Wolves – How to Tame?

Valheim Wolves – How to Tame?

To tame wolves in Valheim, you essentially need to follow the same blueprint as with the boars. However, there are some changes that you’ll have to implement in order to account for the fact that wolves can mess you up bad in seconds. First thing’s first, you have to go where they spawn, which is in the freezing Mountain biome. So, make sure to have an anti-frost potion handy, or build a path of campfires.



Next up, build a pen out of Stakewalls; regular fences are not gonna hold a wolf for long, if at all. Once that’s done, you can use raw meat to lure a wolf into the enclosure, or you can use yourself as bait. If you choose to do the latter, you madlad, make sure to have at least a bronze shield, like the buckler, to defend yourself. When the wolf comes into the pen, quickly slam the last bit of wall down.


With the wolf trapped, make sure to feed it raw meat regularly. Also, repair the walls of the enclosure, because the beast will start thrashing around as soon as you come near. And, yes, after you throw the meat inside, make sure to walk away so it isn’t scared. You might have to build a platform to throw the meat from.


Once the wolf is tamed, you can breed it as you would boars, which is fun. More importantly, if you pet a tamed wolf, it will start following you around. If you two (or three, or more, however many you’ve tamed) run into an enemy, your pets will absolutely attack and fight by your side. It. Is. Awesome.


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