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Valkyria Chronicles 4 – How to Unlock Squad Stories

28 September 2018, Friday, 8:32:25

How to Unlock Squad Stories

Squad stories can be unlock if you have one member reaching the rank of corporal, so check there rank. Also you can have Curtis and Laurent at chapter 1, and Eileen can be unlocked as soon as Curtis is down and rescued. So it is safe to say that like old times can be get as soon as you unlocked skirmish. (Spending 40 CP on a unit on the first skirmish map is the fastest way to go about it to get a unit to Corporal.)



List of Squad Stories

A Chivalrous Heart – Earliest Available: Final Chapter

Christel, Minerva


A Prayer for the Broken – Earliest Available: Chapter 3

Godwin, Nico, Rosetta


All the Single Ladies – Earliest Available: Chapter 6

Brittany, Millennia, Rita


Girl in the Iron Mask – Earliest Available: Chapter 4

Ferrier, Jean, Stanley


Honor, Pride and Regret – Earliest Available: Chapter ?

Fleuret, Mabel, Rebecca


Like Old Times – Earliest Available: Chapter 3

Curtis, Eileen (Special), Laurent


Reluctant Solitude – Earliest Available: Chapter ?

Louffe, Stahlschrott


The Price of Skill – Earliest Available: Chapter 8

Aladdin, Leonhardt, Neige


Treading New Ground – Earliest Available: Chapter 4

Aulard, Dan


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