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Valkyria Chronicles 4 – In-game Weapon List and How to Obtain Them

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In-game Weapon List and How to Obtain Them

This is a list of all weapons you need to obtain to complete the Excellence in Armament medal and the Arms Racer achievement for each class. It does not currently include any reward weapons from DLCs as they don’t count towards medal/achievement.


Infirmary Rank 1 to Rank 5 weapons correspond to the weapons order listed under the Mission Rewards tab. In other words, Rank 1 will only ever possibly give you the 1st weapon listed under the Mission Rewards for each class, and Rank 5 will only ever possibly give you the 5th weapon listed, etc., except lancer mortars.




R&D Development:


  • Lenfield M14


  • Brown M10


  • Gallian S23



Mission Rewards / Infirmary:

  • Lenfield R1


  • Gallian X1R


  • Gallian A10R


  • Gallian X20R


  • Lenfield R11



Enemy Ace Drops:

  • ZM Kar 1 to 7(e)



Machine Guns

R&D Development:


  • Robinson M104


  • Reising M9A10


  • Mags M23



Mission Rewards / Infirmary:


  • Robinson M91R


  • MAJ-X M1R


  • Reising M9A1R


  • MAJ-X M30R


  • Robinson M101R



Enemy Ace Drops:

  • ZM MP 1 to 7(e)



Lancer Mortars

R&D Development:


  • M2EQ-14


  • SB9-10


  • Lancaar SH M23



Mission Rewards / Infirmary:


  • Lancaar M1R (infirmary rank one or rank 2)


  • M2EQ-5R (infirmary rank three or rank 4)


  • SB9-7R



Enemy Ace Drops:


  • VB PL 1 to 5(e)


  • VB PL 1B to 3B(e)



Sniper Rifles

R&D Development


  • LF Wasp No.14


  • LF-ASR No.10


  • GSR-33



Mission Rewards / Infirmary:


  • LF Wasp No.1R


  • Brondel M101XR


  • LF-ASR No.1R


  • Gautt R


  • LF-ASR No.11R



Enemy Ace Drops:


  • ZM SG 1 to 6(e)


  • ZM SG X(e)



Grenadier Mortar

R&D Development


  • Sanders M14


  • Elias MA13


  • Hartman MS13



Mission Rewards / Infirmary:


  • Hartman MS1R


  • Sanders M3R


  • Elias MA4R


  • Sanders M8R


  • Hartman MS10R



Enemy Ace Drops:


  • VB GW 1, 3, 5, 6(e)


  • VB GW 2B, 4B, 7B(e)


Infirmary Rank 5 is not automatically unlocked. The criteria to unlock Rank 5 is to achieve 80% completion rate on all the following maps (verification needed):


2-1, 4-1, 4-3, 6-1, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15-1, 17-1, Squad E Assemble


The following 5 conditions factor completion –


  • Obtain A Rank


  • Killing leader units (the ones with the gold CP emblem that breaks upon their deaths)


  • Killing tank units (including Gatling guns and heavy AT guns)


  • No deaths


  • No KOs / evacuations


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