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20 June 2017, Tuesday, 21:04:49



Welcome to BHIKKHUNI


I’m Sexy and I Know It
Gained a Chestguard’s approval.


Intimate Connection
Performed a Drive for the first time.


Ain’t Technology Grand?
Used the Lingerie Printer in the store.


Please, Be Gentle…
Engaged in a little touching in the Dressing Room.


The Training Never Stops
Completed Chapter One.


All Warmed Up
Finished the Free Training in Training Mode.


Satisfying Finish
Defeated a boss with a Drive Break or a Super Drive Break.


Strip Search
Destroyed all of an enemy’s clothes.


Right Beside You
Completed a Romance Novel.


I Want Sis to Smile Again
Completed Chapter Two.


Performed a Final Drive for the first time.


Busting Out
Raised one character’s Rack Rank to the maximum.


Captured By Your Eyes
Completed 10 types of Romance Novels.


Don’t Overdo It
Completed Chapter Three.


Our Bodies are Ready
Peformed a Connect.


I Don’t Want to Live on this Island Anymore
Completed Chapter Four.


I Can’t Stop…
Performed a 999-hit combo.


My Heart Remains True
Completed a Maximum Romance Novel.


Extar Extraordinaire
Raised one character’s Drive Rank to the maximum.


Fates Intertwined
Completed 30 types of Romance Novels.


Valkyrie’s Paradise
Completed the Main Story.


For the Glorious Future!
Achieved the True Ending.


Liberator Supreme
Raised one character’s Liberator Level to the maximum.


Hooked on a Feeling
Completed 10 types of Maximum Romance Novels.


The Battle’s Just Begun
Achieved the Rinka vs. Ranka Ending.


Your Gentle Hands
Completed 5 types of Maximum Romance Novels.


Stronger Together
Completed 50 types of Romance Novels.


Fully Satisfied
Completed all Romance Novels.


Hands-On Experience
Touched everyone in the Dressing Room.


Make it Rain
Acquired 1,000,000 Reward Points


#1 Customer
Purchased all outfits, lingerie, and accessories from the store.


Down with the Tortoise
Destroyed Kongo’s core and won the battle.


Down with the Dragon
Destroyed Gouzanze’s core and won the battle.


Down with the Tiger
Destroyed Daiitoku’s core and won the battle.


Tis But a Scratch!
Cleared the Survival Mode.


Gotta Wear ‘Em All!
Obtained all pieces of underwear from the Lingerie Printer.


Down with the Phoenix
Destroyed Gundari’s core and won the battle.


Challenge Accepted
Cleared the Challenge Mode.


Fragment Collector
Obtained all Fragments.


Cleared all Secret Missions.


The Best of the Breast
Recognized by all Chestguards.


The Naked Truth
Had all your clothes destroyed by an enemy.


Fashion Expert
Equipped 10 accessories in the Dressing Room.


We Have Become One
Obtained all trophies.


Worth Every Yen
Spent 1,000,000 Points on the Lingerie Printer.


As Nature Intended
Saw 100 naked bodies.


School’s Out
Defeated 10,000 enemies.


Experienced Girls
Gained an overall total of 5,000,000 experience points.


The Magic Touch
Played Heart Catch in the Dressing Room 100 times.

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