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Vampire’s Fall: Origins Cheats



Free Gold Codes

Go to the settings menu in the upper left of the game screen, select ‘Redeem Code’ and enter BITE1337



How to Earn Gold Quickly

There a quite a few ways to earn gold, but three are the most common:


  • Winning any fight (except against wise or keeper Dragonlings or other special cases) will give you a sum of money. The bigger the foe, the greater the reward; it goes from a measly couple of coins for a rat’s death up to hundreds for a high-tier Brutal.


  • Advancing or finishing a quest will often net you a nice sum of gold. Like Last Wish, Sign the Book, or Healing the Oak, some side quests have a particularly high gold reward.


  • Opening the yellow-sparkled chests that are scattered across the Kingdom. Depending on where they are and what Rebirth is on, they can give from 25 to 1000 or more gold.



There are other ways to increase your wealth:

  • Some equipment (Capes, Necklaces, and Rings) have a “Gold Drop” attribute that increases gold rewarded from fights.


  • The golden one among the rare Dragonlings gives you neither experience nor items but yields one of the biggest sums a victorious fight can offer.


  • Opening the reward box after doing a successful Daily Brutal streak gives around 5000 gold.



Some ways are accessible after a short ad (or for free if the player is a supporter):

  • Once a day, five barrels can be opened. At least two of them will give a gold amount. There is a chance to temporarily increase the chance of finding Dragonlings, which indirectly increases the income.


  • After a victorious fight, the player will sometimes have the possibility to “search for more,” tripling his gold amount if he accepts.


  • All items that are accumulated in the inventory can be sold for a fraction of their vending cost. In other words, every piece of equipment that you don’t want to keep is just free gold waiting to be redeemed. Talk to any Blacksmith in town to sell items. Potions cannot be sold.



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