Vampyr – Hippocratic Oath Achievement Guide

Hippocratic Oath Achievement

 Hippocratic oath
Heal 10 citizens


It’s important to note that for a pacifist run, you should keep the health up of all the NPCs in order to keep the health of each district high. If districts fall to 50% or below, they turn hostile and all of the citizens in that area die, voiding Not even once.


As citizens fall ill, you will see a yellow spore on their portrait in the citizen menu; sicknesses can range from level 1-3, and the higher the level the more expensive the cure. Talk to everyone that you can to unlock their health status in the menu, some of them will be sick right off the hop. If you want to speed the process up, sleep for a few nights in a row. Simply view their ailments, craft the proper medication, and deliver it to them.


Note that the cure to headache, migraine, and neuralgia are bought from Dorothy Crane in Whitechapel.


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