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Vampyr – How to Skip Startup Videos

7 June 2018, Thursday, 4:41:20

How to Skip Startup Videos

Go to (Win x64 default folder)


C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Vampyr\AVGame\Content\Criware\Movies\Startup


right click on Vampyr – Properties – Local Files – Browse Local Files… – AVGame – Content – Criware – Movies – Startup and delete all 4 .usm files:


  • -thirdparty.usm
  • -Unreal_Engine_White.usm
  • -VYR_dne.usm
  • -VYR_focus_2.usm


Now 20 seconds of every launch skipped, and you are 3*Enter + 2*LMB away from loading into your savegame.


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