Vampyr – London’s burning Achievement Guide

London’s burning Achievement

 London’s burning
Turn all districts to hostile status


There are a total of 4 districts in Vampyr; The Docks, Prembroke Hospital, Whitechaple, and West End. The earliest opportunity to turn all districts hostile is in Chapter 4, when you reach the final district.

The fastest and easiest method of doing this is to sleep for several nights in a row, and allow the citizens to build up level 3 illnesses. The illnesses and their levels are indicated by yellow spores (1-3) on the character’s portrait in the citizen menu. Leave it this way, and then kill 2-4 of the citizens in the district. Once a district has fallen below 50% in the status menu, it is considered hostile. After that, all of the people in the district die and monsters take over.


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