Vampyr – Not even once Achievement Guide

Not even once Achievement

 Not even once
Finish the game without killing any citizens


To obtain this achievement, you must not Embrace any non-hostile NPC; aka, the people you can converse with. You can go around slaughtering the ferals, thieves, and other attackable creatures as much as you’d like. Just never use your Mesmerize ability. There are a few story related exceptions and decisions. If you’re unsure of how to progress, review the following:


Clay in Chapter 1 – Let him live.
Dorothi in Chapter 2 – Let her live. If she mutates into a monster, kill Monster Dorothi.
Sean in Chapter 3 – Let her live. He will then mutate into a monster once you return to the Night Shelter a few days later. Do not kill him, as it makes the district’s health fall into “hostile” status.
Mary Boss Fight in Chapter 3 – Do not consume the man that is dying in the graveyard. It is okay to consume Mary, however.
Aloysisus in Chapter 5 – Turn him into a Vampire, sacrifice XP to do so.
McCullum in Chapter 5 – Let him go, do not turn him into a Vampire.
Dr. Swansea in Chapter 5 – Turn him into a Vampire, sacrifice XP to do so.


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