Vampyr – PS4 Game Controls

PS4 Controls

You can customize your controls for God of War by going to your settings. You can change your overall PS4 control defaults from your PS4 settings as well, but that applies to every game and action for your PS4. The default controls are shown below.



Left Stick – Movement / Toggle walk

Right Stick – Camera Movement

L2 – Vampire skills / Hypnotism

R2 – Vampire skills / Medical examination

L1 – Vampire skills / Hypnotism

R1 – Vampire skills / Medical examination

Triangle – Second hand attack

Circle – Dodge / (hold) run

X – Interact / Jump / (hold) Suck blood

Square – Stronger hand attack

Options Button – Main Menu

TouchPad – Open Menu

D-Pad Up – Use Item

D-Pad Down – Use Item

D-Pad Left – Switch main weapon

D-Pad Right – Sheathe main weapon

R3 – Lock-on Target

L3 – Detective mode


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