Veil of Crows – Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

・Low on cash? Seek out work from friendly towns and villages.



・Placing archers on higher terrain increases accuracy.



・Cavalry units are vunerable to spear units.



・Every action you take with a faction affects how much they like you.



・Upgrade your hero’s weapons and armour in the armoury. Build one or seek out a friendly town.



・Bank carried gold in friendly towns to avoid losing it when routed.



・Retreating an army will result in losing all carried gold and resources.



・Weather can affect movement speed and projectile accuracy.



・You can trade resources with towns and villages.



・Give your heroes vassals in the character skills screen, this will give bonuses to towns and villages under their control.



・’M’ key forces your selected ranged units to melee, and ‘N’ back to ranged when selected.



・’L’ key dismounts any mounted cavalry units, ‘K’ will have them return to their horse.



・Random campfire events scatter the world, seek them out.



・Killing enemy heroes pay well.



・Target units that are vunerable to your selected unit types.



・In ‘Veil of Crows’ game mode, keep your hero alive or it is game over.



・If low on resources, try upgrading your villages.



・Village populations recuperate faster when they are underpopulated.



・If you are desperate to grow town population, consider taking peasants from your villages.



・Resources are needed to build siege equipment during a siege.



・Forgot siege equipment? If another faction isn’t using it, it would be wrong to just leave it there



・You can hire hero units at campfires. They are rare so try to keep them alive.



・Peasants are weak, but you don’t have to pay them.



・Can’t find a quest location? Select your quest in the quest panel, and toggle the finder arrow.



・Improving relations with other factions may unlock new interractions.



・Improve relations by bribing other factions.



・Level 15 hero’s can be declared king. King bonuses reach your entire kingdom, just be prepared to go to war.



・Momentum adds bonus damage. Try to charge downhill for an initial damage bonus.



・Killing quest targets aren’t the only way to resolve the situation. Try to negotiate.



・Try negotiating with an enemy army… Or even bribe them.



・Use ‘Forced march’ for a limited speed boost to your armies.



・You can look inside the different building and wall levels by pressing Z, X, C, V.



・Looking to hire more units? You may hire units from Neautral, Bandit, and Deserter armies depending on your relationship to them.



・You can turn off the ‘Autosave’ during the campaign map in the game options.



・Keep an eye on village workforce percent. This will effect your daily output.



・Your armies carry gold they collect during battle, you must bank it in a friendly town to secure it.


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