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Verdun – Chemical Warfare

2 July 2018, Monday, 8:20:42

Chemical Warfare

World War One was infamous for the use of chemical weapons, and gas is represented in Verdun as well. If you see a cloud like the image below you should put on your gas mask before running through it. This can be done by pressing the gas mask button which is ‘4’ by default. If you do not have your gas mask on, you will suffer from the four stages of gas effects and eventually die. The four stages are determined by exposure.


  1. -Tearing: Your eyes begin to tear very quickly and you will notice a blur across your screen.
  2. -Blinding: You will slowly become blinded and see your screen turning black more often.
  3. -Asphyxiating: This means you can’t breathe any longer and are unable to move, leading to…
  4. -Death.


There are four different gas types distinguishable by their color, which each have a different lethality exposure time.




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