Voidrunner Achievements



Voidrunner Achievements

First things first!
Finished your first match


Welcome to the Machine
Joined your first match


First Blood!
First Kill


Warm Up!
Kill 10 enemies


Face off
Reflection activated 250 times


Like a Spartan!
Shiled protected you 250 times


Hunger for Vengeance
Lightning Arc used 250 times


Knock Knock!
Void Mine dropped 250 times


Come child…
Healing Aura activated 250 times


Take your EMP with you!
Anti EMP used 250 times


Nanobots online!
Converter Nanobots activated 250 times


El Topo!
Boost 250 times


Storm of Health
Healing Bullets used 250 times


Quick Run!
Time Lapse activated 250 times


Burn Baby Burn!
Damage Aura activated 250 times


Master of Time & Space
Teleport Missile used 250 times


Freeze Storm
Frost Bullets used 250 times


Commence primary ignition!
Stalker Beam activated 250 times


Light out!
EMP activated 250 times


World of Dementia
Virus bullets activated 250 times


For the Eternal!
Suicide attack used 250 times


Deadly Affection
Graviton used 250 times


Protection Overload
Shield Aura activated 250 times


Mr. Nobody
Cloak activated 250 times


Death from Above!
Rainmaker used 250 times


Power! Unlimited Power!
Damage Amplifier Used 250 times


So you LIVE for Miners!
Capture 1000 Miners


Not a rookie anymore!
Kill 100 enemies


War Master
Kill 1000 enemies


Welcome aboard!
First Team Deathmatch Match


Miner Interest
First Capture the Miner Match


World of Domination
First Domination Match


Got a Miner?
Capture your first Miner


So you like Miners?
Capture 10 Miners


So you LOVE Miners!
Capture 100 Miners


Ship 4 Unlocked


Unchain My Mind
Area Damage used 250 times


Ship 5 Unlocked


Ship 6 Unlocked


Void Hunter
Ship 7 Unlocked


Ship 8 Unlocked


Ship 9 Unlocked


Ship 10 Unlocked


Ship 11 Unlocked


Ship 12 Unlocked


Richie Rich
All Ships Unlocked


Highway to Hell
Lightning Tornado activated 250 times


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