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Voxel Turf Perks Guide

20 September 2017, Wednesday, 14:09:01



Perks are a great way to define how your character plays. They really do make a huge difference which creates an added layer of depth.



“HP Boost” – “Increases HP by 20%”

“Blastproof” – “Reduces explosive splash damage received by 50%”

“Bullet Hell” – “Increases damage dealt by 10%”

“CDF Connections” – “Immunity to minor crimes (Reckless Weapon Discharge, Hijacking, Vehicular Assault) when in range of a base”

“Scorched Defence” – “+1 Attrition to Enemies in your Bases”

“Negotiator” – “+33% Income from Missions”

“Charmer” – “+20% Reputation Gain”

“The Art of Bull” – “+100% Aggression Decay”

“Wide Focus” – “+2 Bases”

“The Finest of Goons” – “+30% Hired Goon atk/def”

“Scavenger” – “Killed bandits drop +500% more cash and have a chance to drop valuable items or additional cash drops”

“Missiles from the Aether” – “If you have a Rocket Launcher equipped you will recieve a free rocket every 30 seconds (max 16)”

“Blood and Money” – “Killing a bandit heals you and nearby allies. Restores 5% HP. Killed bandits have an extra money drop”

“Small Town Mayor” – “Get a ramping income bonus and a construction and lot zoning discount if the total world population is less than 1,000. Max +25% income bonus and 35% discount at 0 population”

“Residential Focus” – “+4 Residential Desirability”

“Industrial Focus” – “+4 Industrial Desirability”

“Commercial Focus” – “+4 Commercial Desirability”

“Office Focus” – “+4 Office Desirability”


As for suggestions here, as a starter skill blood and money makes multiplayer way more fun and prevents deaths and reputation loss. However, if your focus is not going te be killing bandits, it won’t be that useful. If you are willing to plan a little more, you can take scavenger for significantly more money and just buy healing items.


In Turf Zero, Small Town Mayor cuts the already reduced zoning prices when it counts, and later, your can remove the perk for the reputation hit when it stops being useful so that is a great one to start with. Negotiator is also very good for making money if you plan on rapidly doing random missions which from my experience is already the fastest way to make money already.

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