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Warbands: Bushido – Glossary

20 September 2017, Wednesday, 1:16:59



Agility – Determines Initiative and movement allowance.
Armor – Additional layer of hit points, gets removed first.
(Order) Deck – Your active selection of Order cards.
Die – The simulated die, used to resolve combat.
Dust – The Crafting Resource of Warbands: Bushido. You earn it by dismantling units and cards.
Honor points – “Experience” points of Warbands: Bushido.
Health points – Representation of your current toughness.
Morale points – “Fuel” for your combat Orders and Abilities.
Ryu – Ingame currency for Booster packs.
Slots – Allowance of active units in each Warband.
Toughness – Overall physical prowess of your unit. Displays inital HP and offensive power.
Warband – One of the organized formations of your units.
Warpoints – Limits the Units you can organize in a Warband by their individual cost.

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