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Warbanners Cheats

5 November 2017, Sunday, 16:20:26



Editing units_harakt.csv

To edit the characteristics of units, you need to open the units_ harakt.csv file. We recommend that you open it in Google tables (or Excel) https://docs.google.com.

Online version of this file (read-only):

Do not change the structure of the file, do not add spaces, comments or line translations! The game is very sensitive to the file format.

The data of each unit is given in the corresponding column.
Lines 2-17 contain data on its characteristics.
Lines 18-35, spells.
Lines 36-54, active skills.
Lines 55-118, passive skills.
The values in lines 18-118 can be 0 or 1.

Lines 119-121 contain improvements to units that they can get at levels 5 and 10. The enhancement type is encrypted with a numeric code:
– For a unit to learn any passive skill, the number in the cell must be equal to 100 + the number of the passive skill. Example: to study the “Sniper” code should be 100 + 15 = 115.
– For a unit to learn any spell, the number in the cell must equal 200 + the number of the spell. Example: to study the “Fireball” code should be 200 + 8 = 208.
– For a unit to learn any active skill, the number in the cell must equal 300 + the number of the active skill. Example: to study “First Aid” the code should be 300 + 10 = 310.

Note that the unit under no circumstances should learn more than 3 spells, 3 active skills, or have more than 3 slots for potions! Otherwise, the game will not work correctly.


Editing save files

The save files are stored here:
C: \ Users \ name_your_pc \ AppData \ Local \ Warbanners_1 \ save
Open the desired save in any text editor (make sure you backup!), and do not change the file name!
The first 42 lines – data about the completed quests (0 – not performed).
The next 10 lines are data on the number of potions of each species that are in the repository.
The next 10 lines are data about artifacts in the repository.
Starting with the 97th line (it looks something like this: “s_unit13”), the characteristics of your units are recorded.


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