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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Cover System Guide

1 May 2017, Monday, 3:28:46


Heavy Cover
The standard cover system is gone but cover hasn’t been completely removed from the game. Heavy Cover are capturable zones on each map which provide a beefy protective shield against bullets and projectiles while keeping the enemy ranged units at bay. The enemies within these reinforced positions can only be attacked with melee units or after the shield has been destroyed by ranged units.
Heavy Cover grants a huge strategic advantage providing vantage points for cover fire helping to control key areas of the map. Use them wisely and don’t let them fall in to the enemy’s hands.




Stealth Cover
Stealth Cover is a mechanic borrowed similar to the bushes in MoBAs or the steam clouds of Starcraft II. The units placed in Stealth Cover are concealed and won’t auto-attack until they are revealed or ordered to do so.
Stealth Cover serves as a good way to set an ambush, scouting or just to hide vulnerable troops from incoming enemy troops.



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