Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III PC Controls & Key Bindings Guide



Mouse Controls 

Left Click: Select Unit or Structure (Hold and drag to select multiple)

Right Click: Move to location / Attack target (with unit selected)

Scroll Wheel: Zoom in/out

Scroll Click: Move Camera



Keyboard Controls

Grid/Ability Hotkeys

Top Row: Q, W, E, R

Middle Row: A, S, D, F

Bottom Row: Z, X, C, V



Race Specific Hotkeys – Space Marine

Plant the Standart: G

Drop Pod Slot 1: J

Drop Pod Slot 2: K

Drop Pod Slot 3: L



Basic Hotkeys

Deselect Unit/Structure: ESC (with a unit selected)

Pause Menu: ESC (without a unit selected)

Open Chat: Enter

Pause Game: Pause Break

Pan Up: Up or Ctrl+W

Pant Down: Down or Ctrl+S

Pan Right: Right or Ctrl+D

Pan Left: Left or Ctrl+A

Elite Slot 1: F1

Elite Slot 2: F2

Elite Slot 3: F3

Super Ability: F4

Building 1: F5

Building 2: F6

Building 3: F7

Building 4: F8

Building 5: F9

Pause Menu: F10

Lock Mouse to Window: Ctrl + Backspace



Advanced Hotkeys

Focus Camera on Selection: Apostrophe

Focus Camera on HQ: Home

Default Camera: Backspace

Zoom In: PageUp

Zoom Out: PageDown

View Player List: 0

Select Control Groups: #

Create Control Groups: Ctrl + #

Clear Control Groups: ALT + #

Cycle to Next Builder Unit: Comma

Cycle to Next Infantry Unit: Period

Cycle to Next Vehicle Unit: Slash

Cycle to Next Idle Builder Unit: ALT + Comma

Cycle to Next Idle Infantry Unit: ALT + Period

Cycle to Next Idle Vehicle Unit: ALT + Slash

Select All Units: CapsLock

Select All on Screen Units: Ctrl + A

Quick Save: Shift + F5

Ping Menu: Ctrl + B

Ping Atrack: Ctrl + H

Ping Defend: Ctrl + J

Ping Capture: Ctrl + G

Ping Caution: Ctrl + L

Toggle HUD: Ctrl + U

Decrease Speed: Minus

Increase Speed: Equals

Next Player: Right-Bracket

Previous Player: Left-Bracket



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