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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Races

1 May 2017, Monday, 3:01:05


The races
Dawn of War III comes with only three races with a smaller number of units than usual but retaining the uniqueness in gameplay for each of these races.

The Space Marine is the standard race relying on orbital support in battle. The skies are the danger with the Chapter’s Standard dropping on enemies knocking them back while inspiring the army. Loading drop pods with units through the Orbital Relay allows for deployment directly on the battlefield causing damage on impact while bringing reinforcements. The Space Marine’s super ability is the Orbital Bombardment which places a beacon in one location and a controllable beam in a second location that’s dealing a huge amount of damage and forcing the enemy units in a levitating state. If the beacon is captured by the enemy the ability cannot be controlled anymore.

The Eldar rely on the Fleet of Foot, a speed buff provided by the Headquarter building and Webway Gates. The units have a lower health but are protected by shields which can be regenerated while within the psychic radius of the HQ and Webway Gates. Because structures play an important role in the Eldar’s army gameplay, they can be constantly relocated to newer and more advantageous positions. Eldar’s super ability is Eldritch Storm, a controllable energy storm damaging and slowing the enemies’ strake by it.

The Ork rely on numbers having bigger squads which can be upgraded through the race’s main mechanic, looting. Looting requires scrap which can be found in the form of vehicles’ wrecks on the battlefield or periodically generated by Waaagh! Towers, a multi-purpose structure which also plays a defensive role, provides buffs and help in advancing the Ork’s tech. Ork’s super ability is Rocks which brings a rain of rocks from the orbit on a static radius causing damage and slowing enemies in an expanding circle. This effect is followed by a gigantic rock that explodes dealing a huge amount of damage while knocking back and stunning the units caught in the impact zone.

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