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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus – Dominus – Rank Abilities

Dominus – Rank Abilities

Rank 1 ability – Enhanced Weapons. This gives +4m range to all ranged attacks, which is a significant benefit given that pistols typically only have a range of 8m, and many of the rifles have a range of 12 or 15m. However, where this really shines is on the Cognis Flamer, Incendine Combustor, Phosphor Blaster, and Heavy Phosphor Blaster. Each of those weapons has an arc, ranging from 30 degrees to 120 degrees, hitting all targets within that arc (including allies, so be careful of friendly fire). Increasing the range of any of those weapons makes it significantly easier to hit multiple targets, giving a much better benefit than just the bonus range does for other weapons. Note that the Arc Scourge is NOT a ranged weapon, even though it can attack targets a couple of metres away. This ability is definitely worth it for a 1 rank dip.



Rank 3 ability – Attack Protocol. This allows the servo skull to deal 1 damage to enemy targets as it scans them, ignoring armour. While this can be funny to occasionally kill off a downed enemy across the map, it actually doesn’t come up that often, and 1 damage to a target is increasingly irrelevant after the early game.



Rank 5 ability – Angered Spirit. This is exactly the same ability as the Explorator gets at the same level.



Rank 7 ability – Enhanced Enhancers. Energeia Enhancers cost -1 CP to use, this is another backpack item augment. Since Dominus is all ranged, and almost all of the ranged weapons deal energy damage, this makes it moderately more economical to take a pair of Energeia Enhancers to get some really nice burst damage. Note that as of version 1.06, the Tier 2 and Tier 3 Energeia Enhancers are mislabeled as Power Field Generators. Look for the ones that give bonus energy damage, and this ability will apply to them, as it is only the label that is wrong, and only in the equip screen (they show correctly during missions).



Rank 9 ability – Rites of Range. So long as you don’t equip a melee weapon (which means no Power Axe, no Omnissian Axe, no Infestus Mechadendrites, and no Arc Scourge, but Cognition Mechadendrites are fine a they aren’t a weapon), you gain +4 range on ranged weapons, +1 damage, +1 to both types of armour, and +15% critical chance. Like Traveller, this doesn’t show on the equip screen but does show in missions. This is a decent ability but not one of the real game-breakers.


Armour Parts:

  • -Head – +2 HP, +1 Energy Armour


  • -Torso – +3 HP, +1 Energy Armour


  • -Legs – +3 HP, +3 Movement


  • -Arms – +1 to all Energy Damage



The Dominus head armour is the same as the Secutor and generally best in slot unless you somehow need physical armour because you’re not watching your positioning. The torso part is the best one that offers HP and Energy armour, and identical to the EnginSeer version. The legs are best-in-slot for almost every build, having the most HP and the best movement bonus. The arms are situational, being great for a purely energy-damage character but less so if you have a variety of damage types. If you’re going for a pure sniper, stay with all energy weapons, Energeia Enhancers, and all Dominus parts, but if you’re going for a hybrid you’ll probably just want the legs and maybe one other piece while taking the arms from the Lexmechanic, and other parts as needed for survivability.


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