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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus – EnginSeer – Rank Abilities

EnginSeer – Rank Abilities

Rank 1 ability – Cleansing Anointments. Harmful status effects last 1 less turn. Every other turn, you can cleanse a negative status effect from yourself or another unit anywhere on the map. There are really only two status effects in the game, and they both tend to show up only in the early game. Canoptek Acanthites and Scarab Swarms will hit with an acid attack that does minimal damage but deals 2 extra acid damage at the end of each of your turns for 2 turns. The passive from this ability will shorten that to 1 turn if you’re the one that was hit, and you can use the active ability to remove the effect entirely before it triggers. The other effect is a movement speed debuff caused mainly by Immortals with Tesla Cannons which reduces your movement rate by a few metres for one turn. All three of those enemy types become very rare as the game goes on, with Acanthites disappearing entirely, Immortals swapping out for heavy gauss flayers instead, and scarabs only showing up rarely when Canoptek Spyders spawn them (which will usually be killed in the crossfire before they hit anything anyway), so this is an ability that’s only nominally useful in the very early game.



Rank 3 ability – Auto Repair. You heal 1 HP at the end of each of your turns. This doesn’t sound like much, but it does a long way toward survivability and reducing repair costs at the end of a mission, enough to consider having it on several techpriests by the end of the game, or at least on your tank and healer.



Rank 5 ability – Distant Prayers. Heal yourself or one other TechPriest anywhere on the map for 3 HP. This is a nice spot-heal for when you can’t get close enough to a target to heal them more effectively, but isn’t really an ability to rely on as your primary source of healing given that it costs 1 CP and can only be cast once per three turns (making it equivalent to Auto Repair in terms if HP per turn average)



Rank 7 ability – Enhanced Repair. Curatio Claws (not mechadendrites, only the claw versions) heal +2 HP, and have 1 less cooldown. This makes you a true healer, and will generally see you equipping two of your best Curatio Claws onto this character for maximum healing by mid game, then will be out-moded by late game once you’re killing everything too fast for it to hit you anyway. In a challenge run where you either don’t take high-damage weapons or rely mostly on troops instead of TechPriests, this ability is golden, because troops tend to be nearly killed from only one or two hits and need a lot of HP to get them back out of danger.



Rank 9 ability
 – Benediction. Once per three turns, for 1 CP, you can either heal all Troops to max HP, or all TechPriests to max HP. This will replace your Curatio Claw spam for late-game, as on the rare occasion where you suffer significant damage, you can just kill most of the room, use Benediction to top off and avoid repair costs entirely, then put the killing shot into the last enemy.


Armour Parts:

  • -Head – +1 Physical Armour


  • -Torso – +3 HP, +1 Energy Armour


  • -Legs – +2 HP, +1 Energy Armour


  • -Arms – +2 HP



EnginSeer got the short end of the stick for armour parts. The head part offers only 1 physical armour, making it 2 HP worse than the Explorator’s version. The torso part is identical to the Dominus, which isn’t bad but isn’t great either. The legs part is an interesting oddity in that it gives energy armour instead of bonus movement, making it possibly useful if you’re stacking energy armour. The arm part is rubbish giving only 2 HP with no further effect, making it substandard to the Secutor and Lexmechanic arms, and definitely the worst arm part you can take. It might be worth it to grab the EnginSeer legs if you’re specifically stacking energy armour for a ranged specialist and aren’t all that worried about melee damage or movement speed, but that’s a very specific and unlikely build combination.


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