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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus – Explorator – Rank Abilities

Explorator – Rank Abilities

Rank 1 ability – Escape. This is quite underrated and probably in the top 5 for most useful/powerful abilities. Increasing movement speed by 3 metres isn’t a big deal, but ignoring opportunity attacks is huge. Enemies with melee attacks can generally make a free attack on you if you move out of a space within their reach, and giving them free damage in order to fall back is a bad move. This is compounded by the fact that you cannot use ranged weapons while in melee with anything. This isn’t the most important ability to pick up early on, but it becomes very useful around Ubjao and even moreso later once Lychguards become common.



Rank 3 ability – Noospheric Scan. This automatically scans any enemy within melee reach, showing you their armour and HP stats. Useful, but there are lots of ways to get that information, and in the late game it’s barely worth knowing.



Rank 5 ability – Angered Spirit. When a weapon is used, it charges up the machine spirit for that weapon. Depending on the weapon, this may take 1-3 uses before the machine spirit is charged. Once it is, the next attack with that weapon will gain some sort of bonus. Most commonly, this bonus is either more damage, or not requiring any CP to use the weapon, or destroying some of the target’s armour. Angered Spirit adds another 2 damage on top of whatever the machine spirit effect is for each weapon. A nice bonus, but generally not something you pay much mind to.



Rank 7 ability – Blessed Generator. Power Field Generators are an augment that fits into the backpack slots on a TechPriest, which provide a bonus of 2, 3, or 4 damage to all physical damage attacks made during the turn that they are activated. They cost 1 CP to activate, and have a cooldown of 3 turns, and this augment makes them not have any CP cost. For melee specialists, this can be stacked for a very nice bonus to damage (two of the Tier 3 Power Field Generators gives a total of +8 damage to physical attacks). Note that there is currently a typo that the Energeia Enhancers at Tier 2 and 3 are listed as Power Field Generators (only the name is incorrect, they have nothing to do with this ability and affect energy weapons instead).



Rank 9 ability – Traveller. So long as you are not equipped with any ranged weapons, you gain +1 damage to attacks, +3 metres to movement, +1 to both types of armour, and +15% to your critical chance. This is a nice ability for those that are fully committing to an all-melee build. Currently the display is bugged so that Traveller will not show until you are in a mission, where it will still provide the buffs properly. In order to claim the buff, you need to either have both of your ranged weapon slots empty, or have them equipped only with the Arc Scourge weapon (provided by the Omnissiah Edition of the game), as all other weapons will deactivate the buff.



Armour parts:

  • -Head – +1 HP, +1 Physical Armour


  • -Torso – +3 HP, +1 Physical Armour


  • -Legs – +2 HP, +3m Movement


  • -Arms – +1 to all Physical Damage



All four of these parts reflect the preference of melee combat for the Explorator. The Head part is okay, but certainly not best-in-slot in most cases, the Torso part is 1 HP less than the same part on the Tech-Auxilium making it a straight downgrade, the Legs are 1 HP less than the same part on the Dominus making it a straight downgrade (although if you’re going fully melee you wouldn’t want to waste Blackstone on buying the Dominus leg part as the bonus range from Dominus rank 1 isn’t useful to you at all), and the Arm part provides a unique bonus to all physical damage attacks. If you’re going with a fully melee build, you’ll do okay with most of these armour parts, but the Torso from Tech-Auxilium is strictly better, and an arguement can be made for the Head part from Lexmechanic to get +1/+1 armour instead of 1 HP and 1 Physical armour only. If you’re willing to trade away the 1 point of damage from the arm parts, the Lexmechanic arms have a 20% dodge chance that goes a long way toward your survivability.


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