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Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus – Lexmechanic – Rank Abilities

Lexmechanic – Rank Abilities

Rank 1 ability – Enhanced Analytics. This gives you one free CP at the start of your turn. This is probably one of the best abilities to start off with, as CP fuels everything that you do. It’s also one of the abilities that is most useful in the very beginning of the game before you have access to powerful kit, and doesn’t drop off in usefulness as the game progresses. Having an extra CP from each TechPriest (by each of them buying Lexmechanic 1) really adds up during a fight.



Rank 3 ability – Extraction Protocol. This allows your servo-skull to extra all CP from an archive rather than just one. Early game you’ll find a 2 or 3 CP archive in maybe half of the maps, and occasionally more than one in a single map. In Ubjao you’ll find them much more rarely, but in Mhelob, Akropis, and Neftusk, they’ll be even more common. For early game, you probably only want one TechPriest with this ability, but as you get deeper in (and particularly after Ubjao), having several TechPriests with this ability can be quite useful.



Rank 5 ability – Dead Analytics. This gives you +1 CP whenever you kill an enemy. This can only trigger once per weapon attack, even if your weapon kills several targets, but it will trigger even if the enemy goes down and gets back up from reanimation protocols. This can result in a very good feedback loop, where you spend a lot of CP to ensure kills, get CP from doing that, and allow the next TechPriest in line to spend more CP to get kills. Not a top-tier ability, but certainly a good one.



Rank 7 ability – Sacred Scanners. Scanners are another backpack augment, used for drawing in CP from a source that isn’t nearby. Just like you can send a servo-skull to pull CP from an archive or from a downed necron, you can use a scanner for the same thing. This reduces the cooldown on scanners by 1 turn, allowing you to use them every turn rather than every other turn, but honestly, scanners are probably one of the least useful augments to equip anyway, so this ability doesn’t matter much.



Rank 9 ability – Overcharged Cognition. This ability has two effects. The first is a passive that when you are hit, you gain +1 CP, even if that hit dealt no damage. The second is an active ability that can be triggered once every 5 turns to completely fill the CP gauge to maximum. Since the best weapons all guzzle CP, the active ability here is definitely deserving of a top slot on its own, but the passive synergizes nicely with a Tech-Auxilium using Refractor Fields and/or Spot Lights to provoke attacks and soak up the damage from them, which would make for a great late-game combination if you weren’t already wiping out entire rooms before they can act by the time you had enough ranks to create this combination.


Armour Parts:

  • -Head – +1 Energy Armour, +1 Physical Armour


  • -Torso – +4 HP


  • -Legs – +2 HP, +2m Movement


  • -Arms – +2 HP, +20% Dodge chance



Lexmechanic armour is a mixed bag. The head part gives one of each armour, which is actually better than HP in most cases. The torso part is only +4 HP with no armour at all, making it identical to the Secutir, strictly inferior to the Tech-Auxilium, and generally weaker than the Explorator, EnginSer, or Dominus torso parts. The legs are identical to the Tech-Auxilium. The arms are one of the three parts tied for best-in-slot, given that a 20% dodge chance avoids a lot more damage over the course of a mission than any of the HP/Armour versions do. If your build doesn’t specifically want the Explorator or Dominus arms for a bonus to damage, the Lexmechanic arms are the best ones for survivability (plus the matrix dodge animation is rather funny to see).


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