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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Combat Tips

9 April 2018, Monday, 2:02:51

Combat Tips

-Stay together or die alone.

-Veteran tip: Don’t get surrounded.

-Pushing enemies is very effective when you are surounded.

-Pushing enemies will force them to focus their attention towards you.

-Blocking is more efficient when facing towards enemies. Weapons have tooltips for Block Arcs that indicate their most effective angle.

-When fatigued, you can’t use Push or Block.

-Ranged weapons are less effective when hitting enemies far away. Long distance weapons have less of a penalty.

-Some of the more powerful ranged weapons can pierce through enemies.

-Playing on Champion or Legend enables friendly fire. Allies will take damage when you hit them with ranged weapons and explosives.

-Be careful when casting spells. Overuse the Winds of Magic and you will become Overcharged and explode!

-Taking damage while carrying explosive barrels or lamp oil will ignite the fuse.

-Enemies will be alerted to your presence if you make a lot of noise or come close enough.

-Top right is an action feed, you can use it to confirm when dangerous enemies are slain.

-Watch for the shield indication when hitting armoured enemies, charged melee attacks penetrate armour.

-Use heavy weapons or go for the head when facing armoured enemies.

-Most enemies have a weak spot indicated by the orange hit marker, exploit these to more efficiently dispatch of your foes.

-Shielded enemies will block your attacks, try pushing them to create an opening.

-Some special enemies and bosses use attacks that cover large areas, avoid standing in them.

-Bosses sometimes use attacks that will deal damage through your block, try to dodge them instead.

-Beware of your surroundings when fighting bosses, they can knock you back or even grab you.


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