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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Healing Items

9 April 2018, Monday, 1:44:36

Healing Items

 Healing Draught – When used, heals player by a flat 75hp or up to max health. Can be given to someone else.


 Medical Supplies – When used, heals player by 80% of his missing health and on top of that all temporary (white) health is converted into permanent (green) health. Can be used to heal another player but can’t be given.


These differences make it clear that while Healing Draughts are good for recovering from medium injuries while Medical Supplies are much more effective at healing severely wounded players and specially players recently downed.


The difference in maximum health between different careers will also change the effectiveness of Draughts. While a Healing Draught is enough for a 100hp class with 1 grimoire to fully heal from zero it will require nearly 2 to recover a 150hp class by using only Draughts. This only gets more evident as players stack health with necklaces and talents.


There’s also a difference in time required to use. Draughts can be drunk very quickly while on the move but Medical Supplies require a few seconds standing still (if healing another person the receiver can move freely). Drinking draughts during intense combat can save a mission. That’s much harder to do with Medical Supplies.


Generally, once Tomes are taken it’s more valuable to have Medical Supplies in the remaining slots so the players carrying tomes can be healed.



Necklace Traits

-Boon of Shallya – Increases effectiveness of healing on you by 30%.
Increases both permanent and temporary health. Excess healing is wasted so this is better for high hp classes.

-Healer’s Touch – 25% chance to not consume healing item on use.
Since this can activate multiple times per item the average effective healing bonus is about 32%.

-Hand of Shallya – Healing an ally with medical supplies also heals you for 35% of your missing health.

-Natural Bond – Grants passive health regeneration but can no longer heal yourself. User can still heal others and be healed. Regeneration is 0.2 health per second so it heals for the same as a Healing Draught every 6,25 minutes. Regenerating health will not remove downed debuff. Only healing will prevent grayed out players from dying.


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