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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Offense and Damage

8 March 2018, Thursday, 20:41:29

Offense and Damage

-You can perform a follow-up attack after you push an enemy. To do this, press and hold RMB, then press and hold LMB rather than just tap it.

-Most melee and ranged attacks do significantly more damage when you hit an enemy in the head.

-Each melee attack can only cleave a certain number of enemies at a time. Tougher enemies are harder to cleave.

-Critical hits will do more damage and cleave more targets. When you hear a louder-than-usual sound while swinging a melee weapon (and the weapon leaves a bright yellow trail in the air), that means you’ve performed a critical swing. All the enemies hit by that swing will receive a critical hit. There are similar sound and visual cues for ranged critical shots.

-Each melee weapon cycles through a static chain of light attacks when you spam LMB. If you briefly tap RMB to block, the attack chain will reset. This can be very beneficial for some weapons in some situations. Example: Sienna’s longsword will do a right-to-left swing, then left-to-right-swing, then downwards swing, and then repeat these three attacks endlessly. The downwards swing does more damage, but it cleaves less targets, so it’s not desirable to use it when fighting big hordes. If you spam LMB, LMB, RMB, LMB, LMB, RMB,… you will perform right-to-left and left-to-right swings repeatedly, always skipping the downward swing.


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