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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – The War Camp Grimoire Locations

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The War Camp Grimoire Locations

This guide shows the locations of all grimoires.




Grimoire 1

After you walked a path through a brick wall on both sides.

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You come to this spot.


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Walk to the right cabin, just after the torch in the ground you see 2 wooden pillars. You have to jump on the first one (tricky jump).


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Now jump on over to the side wooden plank.


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Now jump over the wooden wall into the house.


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Jump down this opening.


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The first Grimoire is down here.


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Grimoire 2

You have to lit 3 candles for the grimoire to show up.

Walk on and find this view.


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Drop down to the right, turn left and you should find the first candle, lit it.


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Turn right again and walk forward untill you see a tent.


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Walk behind the tent.


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and lit the second candle.


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Travel back where you entered the swamp and turn left instead.


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Keep walking along the left side onto the wooden walkway.


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Drop down into the water.


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Walk a little further and on the left is your third and final candle, lit it.


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Now return back a little you came and in the middle of the opening appeared the final grimoire.


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