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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Tips and Tricks

8 March 2018, Thursday, 13:10:31

Tips and Tricks 

-Save your leveling cache’s you get for higher/later levels as they open up to lvl 300 vs others you get completing missions being lower. Plus, you’ll get white/green gear from them if you open them early levels, vs later giving orange/blue gear.


-Cache’s can be saved and opened on other characters for that characters loot!


-Gear drops etc. are based on what you’ve SEEN from each category, so if you’ve seen a 170 weapon you can craft a weapon that comes out to that level or will find them from now on at that level.


-Gear other then the weapons can be shared across each character/career.


-*YOU CAN BLOCK WHILE PICKING SOMEONE UP! Hold block, before holding the key for the person too pick them up and you will do so!


-STAY TOGETHER even if you’re super awesome! Seperating, or having 1 person stay on a elevated platform while everyone else drops down can spell disaster if a hook/leech/etc. grabs that person and kills them, making it so the rest can’t pick them up.


-Do not glutton items, communicate with your team! If you have a necklace that regens your health but you cannot heal yourself TELL YOUR TEAM things like this! So THEY can use medkits on you to heal you if needed!


-If you go down 3x before you heal with potions/medkits the 3rd time will be instant with no picking you up! Think about that before chugging potions simply due to lack of health vs someone that has been downed 2x!


-Try to be mindful of your team as much as you can, always looking behind you etc. Spell effects like Bardins flame thrower + most of Sienna’s ability’s/ranged attacks are dang near impossible to see through, be careful.


-Learn to block a lot for later difficulties. Also, a lot of people don’t notice that while blocking you can Left click too do a push, if you hold that Left click longer, it will also do a shield bash/weapon swing etc. while continuing to block!


-Big armored guys need heavy hits and such too kill usually! So wind up your attacks to do so!


-Weapons with a 180 degree block radius can be turned into 360 degree blocking capable with only 1 piece of 30% block/push radius trait.


-You can dodge grabs/hooks/leech attacks if you’re fast enough!



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