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WoW Classic – Warlock Class Quests Guide

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Warlock Class Quests

Warlocks have quite a few class quests, as each new demon is unlocked by completing them. Warlocks are also one of only two classes in the game to have a class quest for a mount (the other being the Paladin)



Summon Imp

At Level 1, players can pick up the Summon Imp quest from their class trainer. This can be completed within the starting area, no matter which race you choose. Your Imp will be your (not so) stalwart companion until you reach Level 10, at which point you’ll be able to obtain the quest to obtain the Voidwalker.



Summon Voidwalker

Once they reach Level 10, Undead Warlocks can pick up “Halgar’s Summons” in Brill, then find Halgar in the Mage Quarter in Undercity. The grimoire you are tasked with retrieving can be found just west of the Undercity at a ruined Scarlet Crusade tower.


Orc Warlocks can pick up “Gan’rul’s Summons” in Razor Hill, then find Gan’rul in Orgrimmar in the Cleft of Shadows. The quest can be completed by obtaining the Tablet of Verga in Skull Rock, located in the northeast region of Durotar.


Alliance Warlocks will obtain the “Gakin’s Summons” quest from trainers in their respective starting areas, and those quests will lead them to the Stormwind Mage Quarter. Head to Elwynn Forest and kill Surena in Eastvale Logging Camp, then return to Gakin to complete the quest and claim your Voidwalker.



Summon Succubus

Once Level 20 has been reached, Warlocks will obtain the quest for the powerful Succubus.


Undead Warlocks can find the Succubus quest in Undercity Mage Quarter. The quest chain, “Devourer of Souls” and “Hearts of the Pure,” will lead the player to the southwestern corner of Silverpine Forest to kill Dalin Forgewright and the northern region of the Wetlands to kill Comar Villard before returning to Undercity to complete the quest.


Orc Warlocks must return to the Cleft of Shadows in Orgrimmar to pick up the “Devourer of Souls” quest, which will lead them to The Crossroads in The Barrens, then to the Stonetalon Mountains, and finally to the area surrounding Camp Taurajo. After completing the quest chain, Warlocks will return to Orgrimmar to obtain their Succubus.


Alliance Warlocks can pick up “The Binding” in Ironforge before heading to Stormwind. The quest leads to The Barrens and Ashenvale before looping back to Stormwind, where players will obtain the Succubus.



Summon Felhunter

At Level 30, Warlocks can begin the quest chain to summon the caster-killer, the Felhunter.


Horde Warlocks will, once again, return to their respective class trainers, where they will obtain the “Seeking Strahad” quest. Travel to the Barrens to find the next part of the quest chain north of Ratchet before returning to the Mage Quarter of the Undercity.


From there, head to the southwestern region of Hillsbrad Foothills to obtain the Moldy Tome, then to central Thousand Needles to find the Tattered Manuscript in Stonehoof Hold. Return to the Undercity to pick up the next quest, then head to Wetlands to gather the final ingredients from the Dragonmaw, finally returning to Undercity, then Ratchet to complete the quest and claim the Fellhunter.


Alliance Warlocks will return to Gakin the Darkbinder again to obtain the same “Seeking Strahad” quest. Travel to Ratchet to obtain the “Tome of the Cabal” quest, then back to Ironforge to turn it in. Once that part of the quest is completed, Alliance Warlocks must head to Hillsbrad and Thousand Needles to obtain the same two books, then return to Ironforge to turn it in. On the next branch, head to Wetlands to kill Dragonmaw, return to Ironforge, then Ratchet to complete the quest and obtain the Felhunter.



Summon Felsteed

While other classes will have to scrounge and save to afford a mount, Level 40 Warlocks can complete a class quest to obtain their Summon Felsteed spell.


As with other class quests, return to your capital city class trainer to pick up the “Summon Felsteed” quest, then return to Ratchet (the same place you met Strahad during the Felhunter quest). Complete Strahad’s requirements, then return to complete the quest and acquire your Felsteed.



Summon Infernal

At Level 50, Warlocks will be able to begin the quest chain, which awards the most iconic of all Warlock summons; the massive, fiery Infernal.


You’ll find the starting quest, “What Niby Commands,” in central Felwood. Niby will task you with gathering Flawless Fel Essence from demons and dark spellcasters in Azshara, Jaedenar (Felwood), and around the Dark Portal (Blasted Lands).


Obtain the essences, return to Felwood, pick up the final quest, then head north to complete it and claim the potent Infernal summon spell.



Summon Dreadsteed

Once they reach Level 60, Warlocks can begin the quest chain to summon the 100% speed mount, the Dreadsteed. Trainers in Orgrimmar and Ironforge will offer the “Mor’zul Bloodbringer” quest, which leads players to the Burning Steppes.


Once players have met with Mor’zul near the Altar of Storms, he’ll ask them to journey to Winterspring to kill owl beasts and collect their blood. Collect the amount specified, then return to Mor’zul and begin the next part of the chain.


Purchase a Shadowy Potion (and potentially a backup or two) from Mor’zul’s companions, then head to Shadow Hold in Felwood where you’ll find Lord Banehollow, who will task them with killing Ulathek and acquiring Xorothian Stardust from Ur’dan (for a steep 150 Gold). Return to the Burning Steepes to turn in the quest and begin the next leg of the journey.


Accept all the quests from Mor’zul and his associates, then gather the many reagents required to complete the ritual and return to complete the quests (You’ll likely need help from Herbalists, Alchemists, Miners, and Enchanters to gather the necessary ingredients).


The dark magic crew in Burning Steepes will next task the player with journeying to Scholomance instance in the Western Plaguelands to complete the “Imp Delivery” quest.


After gathering all the necessary reagents and ingredients, and completing all the initial quests, the final quest will become available. Mor’zul will give the player the “Dreadsteed of Xoroth” quest. Buy the final three objects from Gorzeeki, then head to Dire Maul’s western section in Feralas to complete the quest and obtain the Dreadsteed.



Summon Doomguard

Starting at Level 60, Warlocks can begin the quest chain to summon the powerful Doomguard.


Travel to the Blasted Lands to the northwestern corner of the Tainted Scar to find Daio the Decrepit. With “The Prison’s Bindings” quest in hand, kill satyrs in Dire Maul (found in the Warpwood Quarter area). Return and pick up the next quests, which tasks players with killing Hederine demons in Darkwhisper Gorge (Winterspring).


After turning that quest into Daio and picking up the next section, explore the Tainted Scar to find a Doomguard Commander and capture it in the Glowing Crystal Prison, then return to Daio to complete the quest and learn the Ritual of Doom.


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