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Watch Dogs 2 – Fast Money Guide

16 November 2016, Wednesday, 15:41:15


There are some ways to make fast money in Watch Dogs 2. Here are some of them.



Fast Money:

1-) Stealing from Civilians
Robbing Civilians in the San Francisco is a basic thing to collect money. But not all Civilians contains money, only few people with the $ consists money and all you have to do is target civilian with $ symbol and press L1 or LB to steal the money. It is hardly around some 70$ which is not good enough, so better way to earn more is to invest money in the Social Engineering skill tree and unlock the Improved Profiler skill. With this upgrade you can spot people with high amount who appear with blue square box. The amount from such people ranges from 400$ to 1000$.


2-) Collecting Money Bags
The Money Bags are one of the best ways to collect good enough money. The money bags are found all over the San Francisco with the symbol $. There are two types of Money Bags are found which pops up on the map, when you get near to them. Small bags consist around some $4000 to $5000 of money and big bags consist around some $20,000 along with some sellable stuff as bonus. The Big ones are mostly guarded and found in restricted areas.


3-) Selling the stolen Items
When you collect Money bag, it consists some other stuff along with money like valuable clothes, watches and phones etc. And also whenever you steal a car, you will find some items in the glove box. All these loot items can be sold at Pawn shop that is marked as red wedding ring on the map. You can sell all the items directly from the inventory at the Pawn shop to make some extra money.


4-) Other Activities
By doing other activities like racing, helping out civilians also you can make some extra money. The Money ranges according to the difficulty of the task. Also you will come across some important people in the game whom you need to take down. After defeating enemy search the bodies of enemies to collect the money, the boss enemy consists huge amount of money.


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