Watch Dogs 2: Keyboard Controls Guide



These are the default key bindings for the game Watch Dogs 2. You can customize the controls through the main menu.



General Controls:

Command    Key

Hack   Q

Interact    E

Profiler    Z

Focus   CTRL

Smartphone    Middle Mouse Button

Map    M

Contextual Waypoint    X

Switch/Holster Weapon    Tab

Weapon Wheel/Inventory    Tab (Hold)

Equip Assault    1

Equip Pistol    2

Equip Shotgun    3

Equip Special    4

Cycle Projectiles/Tools    5

Throw Projectile/Use Tool    G

Start/Stop Playlist    B

Skip Song    N



On Foot Controls:

Move Forward    W

Move Backward    S

Move Left     A

Move Right    D

Stroll    ALT

Sprint    Shift

Climb    Space

Enter Cover    C

Exit Cover    V

Draw/Holster Weapon    T

Aim    RMB

Shoot    LMB

Reload    R

Melee    F



Vehicle Controls:

Accelerate    W

Brake/Reverse    S

Steer Left    A

Steer Right    D

Handbrake    Space

Hide in Car    F

Camera    C

Look Back    Shift

Honk    ALT


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