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We. The Revolution – Persuasion Combinations Guide

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Persuasion Combinations Guide

Every emotion weakness has two possible correct answers, a “Strong argument” and a “Perfect Argument” they will shift back and forth between those 2 for any persuasion mini-game. This means that if you pick aggressive on a “withdrawn” weakness during your preparation and it gets highlighted as “Strong Argument” (light green glow), then the perfect argument is “manipulate” and vice versa.


You can also use this to try to figure out what the hidden weakness is without paying. For example, if you guess manipulate and the game says it’s a weak argument, you know it’s not Attached, Withdrawn, or Oversensitive. Leaving you with a possible Bull Headed, Carefree, and no opinion, and if you’ve read the character descriptions, you can figure out which is the hidden weakness.


  • Withdrawn– Manipulate/Aggressive


  • Oversensitive– Humility/Manipulate


  • No Opinion– Careless/Aggression


  • Attached– Manipulate/Careless


  • Bull Headed– Humility/Aggression


  • Carefree– Careless/Humility


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