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We Were Here Too – How to Solve The Puzzles as Peasant

3 February 2018, Saturday, 11:54:23


How to Solve The Puzzles as Peasant

Peasant Gameplay

You start in room 1, with a stone alter in the middle of the room, your partner will then give you 3 symbols that you have to match on the alter, when a the symbols match, pull the red leaver on the right side of the alter. Your door will now open, as well as your partners

In room 2, you start in a ritual champer, with 6 lights, 2 banners (A red on the left and a blue on the right) as well as 8 symbols in the middle of the lights.
1) Get your partner to say in wich order you have to light the candles.
2) Go to one of the banners, and make out the symbols that your partner describe to you.
3) You are now able to run up a stair case, be careful, when stepping on the first step, the stairs will slowly remove under you. Now desribe the cross on the wall to your partner, always start with the cross, and imagine in pointing north, if it’s not already. (The Cross folds together as a box)

In room 3, you will get into a room, with a steering wheel in front of you, this is to pull back the wall, that is slowly killing your partner. Your partner now has to tell you what armor stands is holding what and in what hand. It’s your job to make sure that they are placed the exact same way that it is in your partners room. (Don’t forget to reset the wall, or it could become a crushing experience) /Bad pun intended\

In room 4, there is a large chess’ish playing field, as well as some pictures.
1) Your partner now has to describe the glass pictures on the wall. And you will have to place them in the right order.
2) The chess’ish playing field just got some knights on it, and its now your job, to guide your partner, to kill them all. (Keep in mind, he only sees the towers, and rocks, as well as his OWN player pond that you can’t see, so even tho, you tell him to move forward, he might not be able to, because of his pond being blocked. (This part takes patience)
When you kill all the knights, you will get 2 new players on the board, these have to get into the towers at the same time.
When the knights are placed in the towers, 2 new will spawn in. And they have to go through the gates at the same time.
The chess plate will now drop, and you can continue into the next room.
3) You enter a room where some black dots are on the floor, step on the one in the middle. And now let your partner guide you around the maze, until you get into the next room. (These are easy to remember when done it enough times – Might get changed when a update comes out)

In room 5, there is 1 puzzle that you will have to guide your partner through.
There is a sign above some symbols on your side, every symbol is pushed down by 1, help your partner to solve this, in order to rescue you from the lava rising beneath you.
(I can’t help you any more in room 5, It would help too much.)

The last room, is very simple, only one can leave with the elevator in order to live. One will have to stand back and let the other one out, using the steering wheel at the bottom.



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