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Welcome to the Game II – Doll Maker’s Pet Achievement Guide

12 April 2018, Thursday, 1:51:13

 Doll Maker’s Pet Achievement

– Click on the Doll Maker site in Deep Wiki I. There, you’ll see a lady on the screen with the words “enter” near the bottom. It doesn’t matter how long you’re on the website. The moment you click the link, the Doll Maker side-mission starts.


– Shortly after, you’ll begin to hear a music box-esque tune coming from the outside of your door. Look through your door’s peephole, and you’ll be greeted by the Doll Maker. The power will shut down, so you’ll need to turn the power back on.


– Walking back to your door will trigger a more intimate introduction to the Doll Maker. He asks you to find a woman in the same apartment who is younger than 30, so that he may add her to his doll collection.



– You will need the LOLPY disc in order to access the list of tenants and their respective room numbers. Once buying the LOLPY disc, insert it in the tower below the monitor at the lobby’s reception desk.


– A marker will be placed at your door, which you’ll need to pick up, and place that marker on the door of a woman whose age is younger than 30. You may need to perform this side-mission several times, as the Doll Maker desires for multiple women to add to his collection.


– All the possible tenants that can be tagged include: Reese Beasley, Larissa Clay, Emma Everett, Janiah Osborn, Kellen Blake, Miriam Schwartz, Hallie Nicholson, Clare Holloway, Alice Shaw, Ashlynn Rangel, Lea Chen, Lilian Tyler, Lilia Holder, Diya Marquez, Marie Downs, and Ayana Armstrong.


– The room numbers are randomly generated except several tenants’ like Clint’s room number 805.


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