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Welcome to the Game II – DOS Coin Mining/Farming

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DOS Coin Mining/Farming

During the phone call with Adam, he mentions buying you a remote VPN to start you off mining DOS coin. This remote VPN can be retrieved from the alleyway by taking the stairwell to the first floor, exiting the lobby, and walking to the end of the alleyway where the fence is. If you immediately run down to get the VPN, it will take a while, but you will eventually hear the drone overhead, ultimately dropping it down on several boxes. From here on out, this will be where you retrieve your other physical items (if you so decide to purchase more items). Now, you’re not going to have the VPN immediately: you need to go back to your apartment, where you will find it sitting on a shelf right in front of the door the moment you step into your apartment. Now comes the tricky part: where to put the VPN. The best DOS coin farming locations are always random, so where you might get 5 DOS coins every 200 seconds in one run, you might get 0.94 DOS coins every 1400 seconds in another run. Also, on a side note: If you happen to find a perfect spot that gives, let’s say, 5.43 DOS coin every 250 seconds, and try to place a remote VPN in the same spot, or near the area, during the same save, you will not get the same amount of farm from the VPN that is getting 5.43 DOS coin every 250 seconds.


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