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Welcome to the Game II – Helpful Tips for Beating the Game

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Helpful Tips

– Your goal is to find eight hashes through Deep Wiki I, II, and III. You will also need 250 DOS coins ready to finalize the Noir Tunnel, which will grant you the ending scene.


– Start DOS coin farming with VPNs in green positions. It’s best to have the maximum amount of VPNs for the maximum potential generation of DOS coins.


– Upgrade your dongle; very underrated tool.


– In the beginning, backdoors were a great way to make money when getting hacked.


– It should already be obvious, but WEP WiFis are trash, WPA WiFis are better, and WPA2 WiFis are the best.


– Key searching can take forever. Use the source code option to your advantage.


– The Key Cue costs over 300 DOS coins, which is outrageously expensive. It’s one of the most overpowered items in the game, though.


– All of these pages are fake links: Flame, Roses Destruction, Corpses For Sell, Dream Place, Hackers4Hire, Illuminati, Snuff Portal, The 8th Sin, The Butcher, DEEPDOTWEB, GAME CAT, Black Market, DeDo, Secure Drop, F*ck You!, Burned At The Stake, Happy Family, Hail Satan, Cotton Road, Family Drug Shop, Legion, Tango Down, BathRoom Cams, SKYWEB, Hot Burners, Cheap Surgery, Passports R US, Flesh Trade, Chosen Awake, and Father Donald.


– Some websites are only available at certain times.


– Avoid the Doll Maker website. Click only if you have no more websites to check.


– The hitman’s name is Lucas Kumiega.


– When you discover your first key or second key, Lucas will start spawning.


– Lucas’ audio cues are footsteps and lockpicking your door sound.


– Make it a habit to lock your door.


– Using motion sensors/audio alerts can help you determine when Lucas is coming or not.


– Before Lucas enters the room, make sure to turn off all lights to shorten his visit, turn off your computer to protect your DOS coins and notes, and then hide in the closet. If you’re a streamer or using a microphone, be completely quiet and do not peek outside the closet. When Lucas finally leaves, leave the closet and turn on all the lights immediately to prevent the Noir from spawning and prematurely killing you in the process. The way I would proceed when I hear the door being lockpicked is: turn off the light near you, then kitchen light, then next to door light, then next to closet light, and then hide in the closet. When Lucas leaves, turn on all the lights back on in reverse order. You should have enough time to turn off all the lights before Lucas enters the room. There’s a chance the power will go out while Lucas is still visiting your room. Be wary of the Noir when this happens.


– Using the Blue Whisper with the motion sensors is a great way of knowing whether Lucas has entered your room or not when you are outside of your room.


– Beating the Breather is possible. If you hear laughing noises or footsteps when entering the alleyway, walk backwards and open the door to the room on the side. When inside, wait for the Breather to walk by, and when the Breather comes to the door, he will try to break inside. The moment you see the door move in/push in, click hold the door close in only those moments. Do not look through the window unless you are sure that the Breather is not present.


– If you cannot pick up the package or open the door, you are instantly dead. I’m still trying to see if this is avoidable.


– The more keys you discover, the more of a threat the enemies become.


– The more you upgrade your VPN, the less of a chance you’ll be hacked.


– Later in the game, you want to upgrade your VPN because you don’t want to get hacked end-game.


– This is how the police track you. It’s 100% RNG. Each WiFi has a specific tracking/detection rate. The WEP WiFi detection rates are the highest, the WPA WiFi detection rates are lower, and the WPA2 WiFi detection rates are the lowest. Disconnecting and reconnecting do not do any good. Switching WiFis is inefficient if you’re switching between WEP WiFis. If you switch from three WEP WiFis, and all of them have high detection rates, the chances of you being swatted are very high. If you switch from three WPA2 WiFis, the chances of you being swatted are drastically lower. Why do you think Adam said there’s a WiFi that makes you pretty much undetectable?


– The Police Scanner does a lot to help you detect if the police are in pursuit of your vicinity. If they are, reconnect to another WiFi address to throw them off. However, reconnecting to another WiFi address will not always guarantee that you are safe from the Police.


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