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Welcome to the Game II – Hold The Door Achievement Guide

10 April 2018, Tuesday, 11:08:23

Hold The Door Achievement 

 When you enter the alleyway, you might unfortunately hear a distant laugh or footsteps. When that happens, you’re probably going to die because you’ll be scared poopless. But, hey! Let’s get an achievement while we’re at it. Enter the room to the right, and wait for a while. Sometimes, you can’t enter the room and you can’t get your package. If this happens, you’re dead. If that doesn’t happen and you can open the door, then wait for a while and you’ll hear The Breather’s footsteps or his obnoxious laugh. If you look through your window, The Breather will probably be staring into the window, or will be near the door. When you see him, you’re going to want to hold the door by click holding. Hold it until your stamina bar to the right goes down all the way, and voila, The Breather will bash in and probe your butt. At least you’ll get that achievement.


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