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Welcome to the Game II – How to Use SkyBREAK?

9 April 2018, Monday, 0:47:46

How to Use SkyBREAK?

Type “help” for a list commands.

-Start Skybreak

-Type WEP


-After the scan provides you with the available wifis you choose one and probe. Choose the one you want to obtain the password to and probe it

Example: WEP > probe 12:AB:34:CD:56 1 1000

-After you find the open port of the wifi you crack it except the 2 numbers you input in the end will be the channel that wifi is on, and the port number itself.

Example: WEP > crack 12:AB:34:CD:56 7 123 (the first number is the channel number of whatever wifi you scanned, the second number is whatever number of the open port you probed out of it)

-And that will give you the password.


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