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Welcome to the Game II – Key/Hash/Deep Wiki II Hunting

8 April 2018, Sunday, 20:03:46

Key/Hash/Deep Wiki II Hunting

Similar to the first game, the keys and hashes you have to find are completely random as to which sites they can be found on. However, unlike the first game, the Deep Wiki II cannot be accessed through the same site/puzzle corresponding to the Welcome to the Game II. Where keys and hashes are found on the site pages themselves, the link to the Deep Wiki II is found in a page’s source code. If you don’t know how to access the source code to a page, just click on the little magnifying glass located to the left of the URL search bar. You know you’ve found a key when you’re randomly scanning a picture, or box of text, and your cursor turns into the Click icon. Some keys place themselves on your desktop when you’ve found them, and others will reveal themselves in the page’s source code.


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