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Welcome to the Game II – The Noir

7 April 2018, Saturday, 21:16:52

The Noir

Thankfully the Noir were nerfed, otherwise this game would still be 20x as hard. Before the nerf, if you ran into the Noir, there was no running or getting rid of them. So if you found yourself in the alleyway picking up a package, turn around and the Noir is sitting at the end of the alleyway, it was pretty much game over. Now, with the nerf, if you happen to run into the Noir, stay calm, back a decent distance away from the man, turn your back to him and count to 30. Once you finish counting to 30, the man with the mask should be gone and you should be set. DO NOT run into the masked man if you see him, you will be attacked by the masked woman and die. As for where the Noir spawn. There are 2 total places the Noir can spawn (one being entirely random). If you’re browsing the deep web and find that you click on a link but it does absolutely no loading, back out and check your window, because it will most likely be open. At that point, you will need to constantly check your window in order to avoid the Noir from killing you. In the scenario that you see the Noir standing in your window, do the same thing as before (turning your back and counting to 30) and you should be fine. The second place the Noir spawn is entirely random. If you’re out and about roaming, you can run into the Noir for absolutely no reason. At this point, it’s the same process, just rinse and repeat. But whatever you do, DO NOT physically run at, or into, the Noir.


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