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Welcome to the Game II – The Professional Achievement Guide

12 April 2018, Thursday, 1:43:55

 The Professional Achievement 

– Beat the game, without buying anything.
– For Lucas, you will need to be dependent on your hearing to hear his lockpicking.
– Before Lucas leaves, only turn off the lights near your bed and the one near your closet, and then hide in the closet.
– After Lucas leaves, turn back those lights on immediately, and then go back to business.
– For Noir, make sure to leave your lights turned on in your room. Be wary of outside spawns.
– Ignore Doll Maker.
– For Breather, go inside the room, and listen for his breathing. If he has a relaxed inhale and exhale, hold the door when he exhales. If he has a quicker inhale and exhale, hold the door a little after he exhales.


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