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Welcome to the Game II Tips & Tricks

6 April 2018, Friday, 14:05:32

Tips & Tricks

1. Before you even start the phone call (tutorial) go take your modem and put it at the kitchen window with that you get 2 wifi networks so you can easy switch a network before the police gets you.


2. Then go to your bed next to it is your flashlight, so you can see when the lights turn off, go back to your chair and skip both calls (second call when you click one of the markets) then go to the lobby and go out wait for the drone to come and take the package go back to your room close the door with a right click and take the VPN device, you can go to the hallway or outside on your balcony and place the VPN device at a wall.


3. If the good old mask boi standing at your balcony or watching you from the kitchen window ignore him he doesn’t do anything until you go near him, the big problem is if you maybe getting a package from outside and come back he could stay at the stairs or the hallway maybe at the lobby. Next, you should buy a backdoor a backdoor is the best thing EVER!!! Because if you getting hacked you get the insta hack that is a realy easy block hack but you won’t get any coins so just fail the insta block then you get a new block.



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