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West of Loathing – Abandoned Pickle Factory


Abandoned Pickle Factory

Did you go through the dream sequence when you started to go into the Pickle factory, and just skimmed everything thinking it wasn’t going to be important, only to find you needed the directions from it? I did.

Well, here’s what you missed and how to get through the parts from my experience.


Step 1: Cuke Shunts


Solution: All you have to do is mess with the levers until you get 11/11/11. I believe the outer two will stay in line if you can get them both to the top or bottom, then use the middle to bring them down to 11.


Step 2: Salinity


Solution: Super Easy. Lever 1 goes by 100s, Lever 2 goes by 10s, Lever 3 goes by ones.


Step 3: Boiler Room


Solution: This one, you need to get the temp up to anything above 190, but make sure the last digit is a zero. Then use the release valve to get it down to 190. The release valve drops the temperature by 10 each time.

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