West of Loathing – El Vibrato Locations Guide


El Vibrato Locations

Power Stations

These are the two Power Station locations. You can choose to reroute power from these locations that will make things happen!




Curious False Mountain


Aside from the options in the power terminal, you can access the ‘time reverser’ is what i’ve called it. Inserting cheap wine into the left side will turn it into increasingly better versions of itself. Inserting scraps into the left will make it into random parts including armor, batteries, and keystones. Inserting those parts into the left side will reverse them back to scraps.


-Contain Roberto (still no idea what this does)

-Power Trash thingy. This gives you a ton of scraps!

-Chronokey will give you a chronokey (no idea where this goes or what it does)

-Power War Coffee Maker, which will power the coffee maker at Curious Copse.



Curious Flat Plain


You have three options in the power terminal and an extra option.

-Activate Planetary Alignment (no idea what it does!)

-Contain Roberto (still no idea who this is)

-Power Municipal Sedative Tubes (no idea!)

-This last option involves the weather and creates a structure above ground that makes it rain. This can be powered independantly of the previous three options! No idea what this does either!


Other El Vibrato Locations

This will be all other locations for El Vibrato portal locations!



Deepest Delve Mine


After climbing down the rope and taking the elevator to the fourth floor, you find the portal at the far right of the cave. This place is marked as Roberto Containment. So far, I have found no changes or extra interactables with its status powered on or off. You also need both powerstations powering this in order for it to be active!



Curious Abandoned Well


This is where you gain Translations for the El Vibrato language! After collecting punchcards from random encounters and locations, take them here to learn words of the language. There is an achievement for 69(teehee) words translated, but there are more. I’m guessing 70-75?



Abandoned Mine


Just a Storage Place for some Scraps and etc.



Madness Maw Mine

Clothing can be purchased here!



Curious Copse


Once power is routed here from a power station, you can make Coffee!



Lost Dutch Oven Mine


Give the man here a El Vibrato helmet and he will no longer talk gibberish! You can also persuade him to move to Dirtwater. If he moves to Dirtwater, he opens a shop that sells a Glass Sphere!



Humming Cave


Just phat loot!


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