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West of Loathing – House-in-the-Desert-Gang Quest Guide


House-in-the-Desert-Gang Quest Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to complete House-in-the-Desert-Gang Quest.
This mission is available from the start but it requires three items to complete stealthily and two can be collected in chance encounters as you travel the map.




You might have spotted Fort Alldead on the map.




If you don’t already have a Skeleton Bone then enter the Barracks area, and using a needle, lockpick one of the footlockers to get one.


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Be Sneaky




You encounter a doghouse, give the dog a bone.


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Walk to the gate, it’s rusty.




Travel back to Dirtwater, go to the Dirtwater Mercantile.




Buy a lock, if you haven’t found one, and a can of oil. If the shop doesn’t have the item you need then sleep a night in your bed and it might spawn.




Return to The House in the Desert, oil the hinges and lock the Gang in the house.


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Arrest the Gang to travel back to Dirtwater.


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Dirtwater Jail is full, a bounty collector is you!


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