West of Loathing – How to Leave The Tutorial with Maximum Meat


How to Leave The Tutorial with Maximum Meat and Get The A Fistful of Cutlets Achievement 

At Home

I’m just going to cover the necessary stuff to get this achievement and assume you already know to interact with stuff around your house for a little xp and walking perk, get the puzzle cube from your brother’s toy box, fiddle with it and exit the house.


Speak to your mother, get the bartering book from her and read it to learn Dickerin’ and get 60 meat. Speak to your father for a weapon and interact with the haystack next to him for a Needle. Speak to your brother Rufus, give him his puzzle cube and then tell him you’re leaving to make your fortune, this will impact later and grant you an extra 5 meat per meat cart.





Boring Springs

Enter the Bar in Boring Springs and speak to the barman to learn that there is a 25 meat reward per mug returned, there are 6 to find and I’ll post screenshots of their locations.




Get the goblin errand, speak to the guy next to you, go downstairs, start a fight with the goblin, use the fungicide for a 1 hit kill, grab the whiskey and a newspaper.
Return to the bar, get a 200 meat reward.




Leave the bar, walk right and talk to Cactus Bill, give him the newspaper and he’ll tell you where to find his shovel.
Enter the Sherf’s to get the quest to find the guys who stole the cell door and find your first Mug.




Go to the barter guy and using Dickerin’, get one free Dynamite.
Trade your needle for another, you now have two of the three you will need later.
Head left now to speak to the Hostler to get three new map locations and some oats, then search the haystacks to get 2 Needles.



The Mine and the Boneyard

Travel to the mine, pick up the shovel from behind the outhouse, and loot the meat cart for 65 meat. Here you will also find your second Mug.
Enter the mine, you should find another 65 meat in a meat cart, an unrefined meat ore and a silver nugget buried near the horse, which you can retrieve with your shovel. Feed the horse.


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Head to the boneyard, kill the skeletons, feed the horse, look at the graves and find your third Mug while you’re doing it.



Canyon and return to the Mine
Go to the Canyon, pick up the shiny rock, kill the first and second snakes, surrender to the third snake.




This will give you the third stick of Dynamite you need, kill the third snake, feed the crazy horse.




Head back to the Mine, go to the room where you found the dark horse and in the bottom left of the room is a crack in the wall.
Use the three Dynamite to enlarge the crack, retrieve the metal box and open it with the remaining Needle to give you 1 meat.





The Fricker Gang
Go to the Fricker Gang’s Hideout, shoot the sleeping lookout in cold blood, netting you the Ruthless perk.




The crate to the right will contain 25 meat, the fourth Mug and a pair of silver cufflinks.




Enter the cave, approach the guy dozing in the tub, ask him to pass the soap and then drown him.


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Approach the others, choose to shoot one in the back, which will start an easy fight against the remaining gang member.




The table has the fifth Mug on it.




The crate near the jail door contains 50 meat, collect everything and return to town.





Gambling and Finishing Up
Go to the right side of town and dig in the dirt near the Topeka sign for the sixth Mug. Go to the barter stand and trade soap for a lock.




Return to the Sherf and give him the jail cell door and lock for 500 meat.




Go to the bar and ask to join the poker game on the left. You need 3 points in Moxie to “Bet Crazily”




Use Intimidate (or your class equivalent) to take 60 meat.


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Speak to the barman and return six mugs for 150 meat.




Talk to Pete to sell your shiny rock for 7 meat, the silver nugget for 81 meat and the unrefined meat ore for 73 meat.


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You should now have 1337 meat, go and speak to the Hostler who will pay you 1000 meat for returning his runaway horses, and sell one of them to you for 1000 meat.

The achievement should appear as you leave town.


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