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West of Loathing – Potemkin Gang Quest Guide


Potemkin Gang Quest Guide

A Step-by-Step Guide to complete The Potemkin Gang Quest.
A new WANTED poster is up!




Travel to the new map marker and you’ll find you can’t enter any of the buildings.


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Go into the outhouse to the right of the town and leave through the back.




Walk down the back of the prop town to find the heavy load, it’s second from the end here.


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Return to the front of the town to see this corresponds to the jail.




The guy in the white hat is easiest to move, just tell him where to look for his belt buckle.




The guy in the black hat will try and block you from entering any of the buildings you click on, so click on the jail.




The woman wants you to stay away from her, so herd her like an inept sheepdog and with a bit of luck you’ll have all three right where you want them!




Go to the back of the town and cut the rope holding the jail up.


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Return to the front of town to find the Gang dazed, arrest them to return to town and your reward!


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